Looking For Call Answering Services? Ask These Relevant Questions!

Customer service can make or break a brand. Today, most businesses, including big firms, prefer outsourcing their call handling needs to a professional service. Call answering services are handy for varied reasons. Besides saving money and effort, your business can provide superior customer assistance, which eventually helps the brand’s image. If you plan to hire one of these services, these are some of the questions you need to ask.

Do you have an in-house team?

Don’t be surprised to know that many small companies actually outsource their work to a third party, which should be the case. You need to know where the company is located and the number of people who work for them.

What’s your hiring process?

Eventually, the work will be done and managed by receptionists, so you need to know if they are trained, experienced and can speak English well. The accent and way of answering calls matter the most, and you should ask about their hiring process.

Can I try your services?

The best companies, such as www.receptionhq.com, do offer a trial period, which can be handy for knowing their experience and expertise better. Make sure that the company is not asking for your card details during this period, which is usually seven days.

What are your packages?

When you are expecting not more than 20 calls a month, it makes no sense to pay a high price for the work. Answering services usually have packages that can be further customized as per requirements. Ideally, you should have the choice and flexibility to choose between packages, upgrade and downgrade as per the call volume. Also, check if the pricing is transparent, which includes no scope for hidden costs.

Who are your clients?

New clients have the right to know the clientele of the answering service. You can ask for references, which can be used to know more about the concerned service. If the company has worked internationally, it is likely that they have more experience.

What are the basic things you offer?

This includes a dedicated number for each client, custom greetings, customized responses and answers, and 24/7 services. Keep in mind that your clients must feel they are talking to your team, so certain things must be tailored. Also, the company must offer warm call transfers and should pass on leads and notes.

Check online now and make a list of your requirements, which can help further in shortlisting the services.

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