Planning To Redesign Your Website? Don’t Miss The Project Brief!

Every website must be redesigned at some point. After all, web design trends change, and there is often a need for added features and functionalities. One of the first steps in this regard is to hire a web design company for the job, and for that, you need to have a project brief ready.

Here’s what you must know before making the brief.

  1. Know your goals. Why are you redesigning the website in the first place? Is there a need to change the color theme, logo and basic cosmetic features, or you need something more functional with new features? Have you revised your business goals in recent years? Any consequential change in marketing policy? Your memo for the designer should consider these aspects and must include a brief memo of your company, specific goals and other aspects that might be relevant for the new website. You can also look up for free website brief templates online.
  2. Plan your website. Every website must have a proper site plan or structure, which determines the number of pages that will be included in it, besides the features. If you know how your website will look like, create handmade diagrams, or else, just mention the immediate pages, which can come handy for creating the demo.
  3. Look for reference sites. Your web designer can create a theme or design from the scratch, but ideally, it is best to have a few reference sites. You would want to know your competition, because you can learn a lot from them. If you like a website, state why, and if you have found websites that you absolutely hate, mention the same, as well, so that the web design team can avoid those mistakes.
  4. Understand other requirements. Most website owners don’t really think about website maintenance and upkeep, unless they hit a roadblock. Your memo to the designer should mention about the maintenance work, which can be outsourced too. Ideally, you would want to ensure that the backend is simplified enough, so that your team can handle the work and content updates, as required.
  5. Scope for marketing and content creation. A static website doesn’t really cut the mark these days. You must have new and engaging content on your website, and the theme should have scope for that. Make sure that your designer has included social media elements and blogging in the design.

Check online now to review some of the web design companies and get your project brief ready to take things further.

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